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When I first came across Avital over at The Parenting Junkie, it was love at first site. (See what I did there?) . She is elegant and astounding and is passionate about the things we're passionate about at Brain Blox. I was so honored when she told me she would feature our product on her site.

Avital is a mindful parenting coach, childhood designer, and mother. She is dedicated to empowering intentional, imperfect parents through online tools to help them reclaim their peace, presence and play in their families.


She has a buzzing YouTube channel also called The Parenting Junkie. She is delightful to listen to and rich with nourishing info for Mamas in all stages of parenting. Avital offers one on one coaching sessions, online marriage training, and a glorious program called Present Play, a membership program which has a massive video library and the most supportive, (exclusive) community online.

Dr. freaking Shefali even endorses this queen saying, "So many parents need this kind of instruction! Avital’s work opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue for parents to focus on approaching parenting consciously.”

I encourage you to head over there and immerse yourself in all things parenting and rediscover how being a Mom can be energizing and soul-filling (while still being honest about the difficult and utterly exhausting parts too).

But back to us. :)

Head over to the Shop page at The Parenting Junkie and peek under "Toys I Love" - "Wooden" and also "JoySchooling" - "STEM" and you'll find us in all our glory!


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