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Looking for a ChessKid Coupon or a ChessKid Gold Membership Discount?  Well we're happy to announce that our friends at are kindly offering a 25% discount on a 1-year Gold Membership to all people who purchase a Fun Family Chess set!

You'll receive instructions inside the box on how to redeem your 25% discount.  If you purchased a set but can't find the instructions, please contact us and include your Order ID # and date of purchase so we can find your order in our system!  We'll be happy to help you from there!

What is ChessKid? is the best place for kids to play chess online.  It's always the first website we recommend to Fun Family Chess players who want to improve their chess game or play chess with other kids online.  Some of the benefits of ChessKid are:

Kids can enjoy playing chess with other kids from all over the world

One great way to encourage your children to enjoy the brain benefits of playing chess is to give them opportunities to play chess with other kids online.  After all, there won't always be someone available to play with them at home or school.  At ChessKid, kids can choose between fast paced games (taking only a few minutes to complete) or slow games (that could take place over several days).  There's also an opportunity to play against the computer by challenging different "bots" that range in difficulty from easy to advanced.

It's safe for kids

ChessKid prioritizes making their website a safe place for children.  They do this by not using personal information, limiting username and avatar choices, restricting chat, and making activity reports available for parents and teachers.

There are tons of ways kids can learn and improve their chess game

ChessKid offers countless puzzles, lessons, training videos, articles, and other activities to help kids learn chess and improve their game.  All members have access to some of these resources, but the ChessKid Gold Membership gives you unlimited access to all of the great content, games, videos, and resources at  So remember, if you purchased Fun Family Chess, use the discount info in the box for 25% off a ChessKid Gold Membership!

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  • ProbroJack

    Chesskid is the best! I’m bishop 2, and there are unlimited puzzles, games, and more to go.

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