Let's Build the Beemobile!

Beeman kindly offered to teach us all how to build his epic ride, the Beemobile!

So we took him up on his offer and made this video.

Can you build it too?  Remember to pause the video whenever needed so you can build along with Beeman.

Make it Better

Once you build the Beemobile, have fun coming up with ways to make it even cooler!  Give it wings so it can fly, or maybe convert it into a Bee Boat!

You could also color on some or all of the planks to make it look even more epic.  Try drawing the bee symbol on one of the planks!

A Chance to Win More Brain Blox Planks!

We'd love to see what you come up with!  Post a photo or video of your creation on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #brainblox for a chance to win free Brain Blox planks!

Want to See More of Beeman?

If you enjoyed this video by Beeman, check out Beeman in this other video when he unexpectedly interrupts a show hosted by his "friend" Superheroman!

Happy building everyone!

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