How to Build a Puzzle Cube

Curious about how we built this Puzzle Cube?  Well, here's a breakdown on how you can build your own using Brain Blox planks!

Phase 1 - Lay the Foundation

Begin by placing 3 planks on their long edge parallel to each other.  Next, begin standing planks vertically in-between each of the first 3 planks.  Take care to space everything evenly so the planks fit together as shown in the photo below:

Phase 2 - Complete the Base

Continue adding planks to the foundation until you have 3 rows that each contain 4 tall, vertical planks.  Each row should be separated by a plank lying flat on top of the original 3 foundation planks.  See below to help you understand:

Phase 3 - Add More Layers

Next, build up to fill out the cube.  The more planks you add, the easier it will get because the tall planks are less likely to fall over now that you've given them more support.

Phase 4 - Finish the top layer

Just keep building up and voila!  You've done it!  (Or, if you're still having trouble, take a look at the video below to see it built 1 plank at a time)

Watch this Video!

Check out this fun video for a better look at how to build the cube.


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