How to Build a House with Brain Blox Toy Planks

Brain Blox Building Set - House

Wanna build this house out of Brain Blox planks?  Well, here's a breakdown on how to do it!

This design uses 156 planks.  If you don't have that many, feel free to simplify the design by using a different roof style or leaving out the chimney. 

Now let's get started!

Phase 1 - Start the Foundation and Add a Window

Notice in the image below that you'll use 2 planks on their edge to better support the tall walls.  Also, the windows can be tricky so take your time studying these photos to see how they are built.

Phase 2 - Complete the Foundation and Add a Second Window

Continue adding planks to the foundation and walls.  You'll also add your second window and balance a couple planks on top of your first window.  See below to help you understand:

Phase 3 - Finish the Walls and Begin Your Roof

Once you finish the walls and framing the windows, you can start adding the roof!  This terracotta roof style looks great, but if you don't have many planks to spare you can simply leave the roof flat.

Phase 4 - Finish the Roof and Add the Chimney & Carport

You're almost done!  Feel free to use whatever chimney style makes you happy.  Or you can see more views of the chimney on this house by watching the video below.

Watch this Video!

Check out this fun video for a better look at how to build the house.  Feel free to pause the video as often as you need to!

And yeah, we couldn't help ourselves so we added a little "Home Makeover" storyline for fun.  Let us know what you think!

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